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Rodolphe Töpffer


A few reactions by fellow comics historians to the original Synopsis posting in the PlatinumAgeComics e-list:

Thanks for putting it all together so clearly and logically and then sharing it with us.
Great Job!
Richard Olson, May 14, 2001
(Comics historian, Yellow Kid specialist, research professor of psychology at the University of New Orleans) 

Many thanks for a fascinating and informative post. Good work!
Scott Deschaine, May 14, 2001
(Comics historian and writer, educational comics producer)

Not that any of this makes the story less fascinating. Actually, knowing that the "First comic printed in the United States" was not only a reprint but a reprint of a forgery is great! It fits in so well with what a lot of the rest of the world thinks about American capitalism. Thanks Leo!
Joe Evans, May 14, 2001
(Comics scholar and collector)

Maybe not directly drawn by him, but it is redrawn from him (as, for that matter, are practically every other 19th century comics redrawn from the original artist -- via the wood engraving process). It is also his story. And, whether the purists like it or not, the redrawn version is not some mere crude debasement. The art is STILL good. The thing STILL reads well. The thing is STILL funny. Which itself is amazing, as there is a lot of 19th century humor which falls flat to is downright impossible to comprehend to anyone but period historians.
Doug Wheeler, May 14, 2001
(Comics historian, co-author of the Victorian and Platinum sections in The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide
and writer of a two-year run of
Swamp Thing)

Let me add to those of others my plaudits for a very fine post!
Mike Kidson, May 14, 2001
(Comics historian, co-editor of Borderline e-zine)

Let me add in my voice to the chorus for helping out us non French speaking persons to understand better the levels of Töpffer - reads well, keep at it!
Bob Beerbohm, May 15, 2001
(Comics historian and seller , co-author of the Victorian and Platinum sections in The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide

Your summary of Topffer's publishing history and travails is a masterful piece of scholarship. I've slipped the downloaded pages into Kunzle's text on the artist for future reading and reference.
Bill Blackbeard, May 15, 2001
(Founder of the San Francisco Academy of Comic Art, comics historian extraordinary, author and editor of countless books of strip reprints, 
including the massive volume
The Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics and The Comic Strip Century)

In his essential Töpffer synopsis (…)
Michel Kempeneers, May 16, 2001
(Comics scholar) 

And here's some of the feedback we received, after setting the website:

thanx for this
(it crashed my explorer twice but I'm glad to have it)
art spiegelman, April 21, 2003
(Author of the award-winning graphic novel Maus, editor of magazine Raw)  

I like it.
You're really the King, Leo !
Patrick Gaumer, April 21, 2003
(Comics historian, author of the French Dictionnaire Mondiale de la Bande Dessinée)

Thank you for making Topffer available! Amazing! 
Tom Roberts, April 21, 2003
(Department of English, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT)

Although I might appear to have a vested interest in this project, my contributions to Leo's fine piece of work extended only to some subbing and online checking of links. So I see no conflict of interests in my recommending everyone to take a look at what Leo's done here: not only is the manuscript version of Töpffer's first picture story markedly different from any of the published versions and thus of very great interest, but Leo has set the site up so that the pages are clear, easily accessed, and don't take forever to download.
Mike Kidson, April 21, 2003
(see above)

Andy Konkykru, April 21, 2003
(Comics author, editor of the Early Comics website)

I agree with andy.

I hope you don't mind if I add [a link to] this to the Resources page of the Comix-Scholars website? 
it is an invaluable resource, and having RT online is really really exciting. great job!
John F. Ronan, April 21, 2003
(Comics historian, moderator of the Comics Scholars discussion list)

Bravo ! ! !
Very nicely done. A great resource!
Thierry Smolderen, April 22, 2003
(Comics historian and writer, e.g. of the Gipsy and McCay series)


This is a tremendous accomplishment. It brought tears to my eyes, because of your blood, sweet and cares. Now, when I sit at my drawing board I know who my great grand father was.
Thank you. Thank you for all the clear words in the synopsis and translation.
I have learned more reading one quote introducing Topffer, then in all the opening chapters of other books which allude to comics origins but never produce evidence to support their claim.
I feel you have written that chapter.
Congratulations to you and everyone else involved.
I, for one, can't wait to trade new bucks for Oldbucks.
Miron Murcury, April 22, 2003
(Comics artist, published in magazine Magical Blend)

Good Job Leo!
Ray Bottorff, Jr., April 22, 2003
(Comics historian, board member of the Grand Comic- Book Database, 
member of Jerry's Who's Who editorial board, central mailer for APA-I)

Thank you for preparing the new Töpffer website. What an important piece of work! And what an enjoyable story!
Scott Deschaine, April 22, 2003
(see above)

Congrats for the great work!
Octavio Aragão, April 22, 2003
(Comics historian, specialist on Brazilian 19th century comic artist Angelo Agostini)

Te Felicito muy sinceramente y con admiración por el gran trabajo que has realizado. 
Antonio Martín, April 23, 2003
(Comics historian, editor of the 1970s Spanish comics magazine Bang! and writer 
seminal Historia del Comic Español: 1875-1939 and Apuntes Para una Historia de los Tebeos)

The site looks great, let me add my tiny voice to the chorus
Bob Beerbohm, April 23, 2003
(see above)


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