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In 1942, the [Propaganda Service of the] United States of America published a 20-page two-color 25,6x19,1cm comic book in Portuguese with the title "A Vida de Frankin D. Roosevelt: 32º Presidente dos Estados Unidos da América", which would translate as "The Life of Franklin D. Roosevelt: 32nd President of the United States of America". No place is given for the  publishing house.

The President's life is given as an example of resistance to tyranny and the Nazis. The comic was issued undated but several references are made to the tragic world events, in and outside the story, and there also is a list of the twenty-seven united nations against oppression. Roosevelt's biography stops in that year 1942. The tale itself is 16 pages long.

The questions here are:

1) Does anybody know of an "original" American edition for this?

2) Does anybody known of other editions of this comic book, in any other language?

3) Any ideas as to who might be the artist?

Leonardo De Sá
E-mail me for any suggestions and/or questions. Thanks.


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  second inside pages.

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